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The Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV) is an independent foundation, that helps to identify and solve safety problems. Our aim is to make safety policy more effective and easier to implement. To that end, we offer information, know-how, instruments and tailored advice directed at safety at home, safe working and safe living. A preventative approach is always the starting point.

Our services are partially financed by the Ministry of Justice and Security. In addition, we work on behalf of other parties. About 70 professionals work at the Centre. They work together with a large network.

The CCV works

  • Together with safety professionals, local authorities, companies and civil society organisations on a safe and liveable Netherlands
  • With and for public and private parties
  • On prevention, to limit the number of potential victims and damages from crime.


  • Stimulates cooperation between public and private organisations
  • Connects, as a network organisation, policy and practice
  • Strengthens and supports professionals with an effective approach
  • Draws attention to social trends and developments
  • Collects, develops and shares expertise with policy makers and professionals from local practice.

We do this with

  • Tailored advice
  • Know-how transfer
  • Process support
  • Problem analysis
  • Consolidation of knowledge and experiences.

We do this for

For instance: entrepeneurs, housing associations, health care institutions, departments, municipalities and the police. Assignments vary from organising know-how transfer and promoting cooperation to custom-made advice and process support.   

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Address: Churchilllaan 11 3527 GV Utrecht
Telephone: 0031 30 751 6700