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Creating a safe environment together

The Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV) is working to maintain safety and quality of life in the Netherlands. We make safety policy effective and achievable. To this end we provide knowledge, tools, informational material and tailor-made advice to help to create a safe living environment, a safe work environment and a safe way of living. Prevention is always the starting point.

The CCV is an independent foundation that helps to identify security problems and to resolve them. We do this for example on behalf of entrepreneurs, healthcare institutions, housing corporations, ministries, municipalities and police. Assignments range from organising knowledge transfer and promoting collaboration to providing tailored advice and process guidance.

We manage a number of effective tools, including the 'Safe Living' police certification, the Conducting Business Safely certificate, the Going Out Safely quality indicator and neighbourhood mediation. Neighbourhood mediation has been improving the quality of life and safety for some 20 years and encourages a pleasant relationship between neighbours. Disputes between neighbours and conflicts in the neighbourhood are resolved by volunteers who mediate on request and do so free of charge. At the start of 2017, 233 municipalities were using neighbourhood mediation.


The CCV is the obvious partner for all safety professionals in the Netherlands. We have contacts with local authorities, police, inspection bodies, supervisory bodies, enforcement agencies, business owners, trade associations, corporations and other relevant community organisations. Consequently, we have a wide network of experienced and committed partners. Through this network, we can address current developments and safety issues that occur in practice.

Two current examples

In early 2017, the municipality of Hilversum asked the CCV to investigate whether current camera surveillance in the night-life area is adequate. The CCV completed this assignment in six weeks and produced a report and recommendations.

Business management consultancy BMC was commissioned to investigate petty crime in the outlying areas of the province of North Brabant. BMC worked closely with the CCV on this, given our expertise in barrier models and petty crime.

What we offer - expert and tailor-made

The wish of the client is central to all of our products and services. Depending on your specific wishes, we can advise you or support you in achieving your objectives. We make use of expertise, experiences, new insights and technologies, and evidence-based methods. What we offer covers a wide range of safety and quality of life. We offer:

  • Tailor-made advice
  • Quality control
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Problem analysis
  • Process supervision

Here are some examples of our products and services:

  • Step-by-step action plans
  • Training courses
  • Barrier models
  • Schedule management

In 2017 we are focusing on: high-impact crime, care and security, organised crime and negative societal impact, quality of life, crime within and against the business world and comprehensive security policy.

We also offer the opportunity to join together in a quest for new ideas and products which contribute in an innovative way to safety and quality of life in the community.

Results 2016

We regularly monitor and evaluate our activities in order to understand which initiatives are achieving the desired result. The following are a few examples of our results from 2016.

360 degree films
Every day, 600 employees in shops are faced with aggression and violence. Aggressive behaviour by customers and robbery are the most common forms of violence in the business environment. The CCV, together with Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (Royal Netherlands Hospitality Industry) and Detailhandel Nederland (Retail Netherlands), has developed virtual training: 360 degree films. The films replicate a dangerous situation, such as a robbery, as closely as possible. As a result, their impact is high, with more entrepreneurs taking security measures after watching the films. This training is intended for catering staff and retail personnel. 360-degree films are also useful in other sectors.

Conducting Business Safely certificate (KVO) Outdoor Areas
Farmers and gardeners are increasingly faced with criminal activities, such as theft of diesel fuel and expensive agricultural equipment. Furthermore, the often expansive and remote outlying areas are attractive for dumping chemical and illegal drugs-related waste. Hemp farms are also appearing more often in remote barns or stables. Therefore, in 2016, the CCV launched the Conducting Business Safely certificate (KVO: Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen) for rural areas. In May 2017, the rural areas of Hengelo/Vorden in the municipality of Gelderse Bronckhorst will receive the first certificate in the Netherlands.

Behavioural insights in practice
The CCV advised various organisations in 2016 about and/or assisted in working with behavioural insights. Examples include: Raad voor de Rechtsbijstand (Legal Aid Board), Nederlandse Voedsel – en Warenautoriteit (The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), GGD kinderopvang (childcare service), Schoon Municipality, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority) and Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

Certification scheme for youth protection and youth rehabilitation
The Ministry of Justice and Security is responsible for the Youth Protection and Youth Rehabilitation (JB/JR) certification scheme. In 2016, the ministry appointed the CCV to carry out management of the JB/JR certification scheme.

Magazines and newsletter

  • Secondant: online platform for safety in society
  • ToeZine: independent platform for supervisory bo­dies, enforcement agencies and inspectors
  • You can also follow the CCV via its digital newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

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